ABOUT Local 265

SEIU Local 265 have represented Cemeteries, Country Clubs, Greens Attendants and Landscapers for over 70 years in the Bay Area. Our members participate in the National Industry Pension Fund, and are the highest contributors into the fund per capita. We also participate in numerous labor councils from Northern and Central counties in California.

SEIU Local 265 represents workers who work for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, Oakland and Fresno, and Jewish & non-denominational cemeteries, as well as golf courses throughout the Bay Area, from Fresno to San Pablo to Palo Alto.

In 2006, Local 265 was granted statewide jurisdiction and are moving forward with a campaign to organize Cemeteries, Landscapers, Country Club Workers, Monument Dealers and Mortuaries in order to better our trade.SOBRE Local 265