Temple Sinai’s Plans to Fire its Workers Before Selling is an Unfair Labor Practice

Temple Sinai Fires Local 265 Members in an Unfair Labor Practice

Temple Sinai terminated its cemetery workers in an anti-labor move to avoid bargaining before selling its cemetery to Beit Olam, dba Sinai Memorial Chapel.

Temple Sinai owns and operates Home of Eternity Cemetery in Oakland, CA, inside the gates of Mountain View Cemetery. After what looks like years of fiscal mismanagement, they are seeking to sell the cemetery to Sinai Memorial Chapel.

But before completing the deal, Temple Sinai wants to fire the workers and terminate the workers’ labor contract, so they can sell  the property free and clear of a collective bargaining agreement.

The union believes this was a premeditated decision, orchestrated by both parties to fire the workers before completing the multi-million dollar deal.Local 265 is protesting this move, citing a labor contract in place, which obligates the employer to notify the new employer of the collective bargaining agreement, so the new employer may open discussions with the workers, represented by local 265.

To protect the workers’ rights, the union is filing a grievance with the NLRB and taking other action.

Call Temple Sinai and Sinai Memorial Chapel to complain about this unfair labor practice.

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